At Countrywide Fencing, we pride ourselves on working to a code of embedded ethics and values – not just through our customer service but through our sustainability efforts too.

We genuinely value the importance of considering social and environmental issues. As a whole, we always strive to be as resource efficient as possible and take the utmost care when working to ensure that the environment around is protected at all times.

  • Sourcing products from other environmentally conscious companies
  • Responsible disposal of ALL waste products and recycled appropriately
  • Steel and metal works waste are recycled in reputable recycling centres
  • Tree and shrub clearance is chipped and recycled responsibly
  • Introducing electirc vehicles into our fleet

Sustainability is a continuous effort made by companies who care. Countrywide Fencing is a great example of this and we always make sure we review our practices regularly to make sure our operations are as eco-conscious as possible.

Right from the start of a project to the very end and our aftercare services, our Security Fencing Installers take extra care to look after the environment whilst maintaining our high standards of service.

Tim West – Headteacher Potter Street Academy
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