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At Countrywide Fencing Ltd, we’re specialists in timber fencing and are renowned for installing a wide variety and styles to suit commercial fencing projects across the UK. With quality at the core of every installation, we source the highest quality timber for our clients which can be pressure treated or plain prepared and ready to paint. 

Aligned with our exceptional standards, we provide a first-class installation service to meet your needs, whether it’s for building sites, roadworks, motorways, local authorities, or schools and academies. All staff are highly qualified, DBS checked and as part of our bespoke timber fencing service, we ensure accurate and expert-recommended solutions that meet your exact project specifications, no matter the scale.

Thanks to our extensive variety of options available, we also supply and install just about any type of timber fencing you require including Close-Boarded, Acoustic, Knee Rail, Post & Rail, and Sleeper Walls. Explore our specialist types of timber fencing solutions / fencing service options below that we can cater to your next install.

Close-Boarded Fencing

Close-boarded fencing is renowned for its strength and versatility without sacrificing appearance. As an adaptable fencing type, it is assembled on-site and can be installed to follow the ground level of your space, even when on a gradient. This gives you much more flexibility than traditional prefabricated panels. 

As a privacy-orientated fencing solution, one of the core benefits of close-board fencing is concealment due to the tightly spaced panels. Paired with the attractive aesthetic of timber finishes, close-boarded fencing can be an appealing solution to effectively mitigate onlookers in busy and dense commercial project settings. 

Acoustic & Soundproof Fencing

Acoustic sound barrier fencing is an invaluable tool in reducing sound and noise pollution otherwise created by roads, railways, businesses, or large public places. As an effective way of minimising the impact of noise within an outdoor environment, acoustic fencing reflects sound waves towards the source of the noise, rather than away. 

We offer a variety of acoustic fencing that can benefit from differing sound reduction figures and our experts can advise you on the noise reduction system best suited to your needs. At Countrywide Fencing Ltd, we can install acoustic fencing products to your exact size and height specification that suit all commercial applications, from a school playground to a full-size industrial estate.

Knee Rail

As a robust timber-based structure, knee rail fencing provides an effective low-height barrier across an assortment of commercial applications. Due to its pressure-treated system, timber knee posts and rails can offer an attractive, yet extremely effective boundary across car parks, sports pitches, roadsides, and a variety of other public spaces.  

As part of our guarantee, all our timber knee rail installations conform to BS EN 351-1 Treatment Standards so you can ensure your timber knee rail is durable, easy to maintain, and of the utmost quality. 

Post and Rail

As a traditional timber fencing option, we supply and install a huge range of nailed and morticed post and rail timber fencing. This sturdy fencing provides an attractive, versatile boundary thanks to its variety of finishes available, from irregular sawn rails which offer a rustic appeal, to sawn square or machine-rounded posts and rails. 

Ideal for all-weather conditions, the inclusion of large gaps within post and rail timber wood minimises the impact of wind, rot and rust providing you with a long-lasting durable fencing solution. For added aesthetics and functionality, our team of experts can also pair your post and rail fencing with a variety of gates, cattle grids, and post cap finishes. 

Sleeper Walls

Over recent years, timber sleeper walls have become an increasingly popular choice throughout commercial landscaping works. These solid timber beams provide a very sturdy and robust retaining wall that is a great alternative to bricks or concrete.

Sleeper walls are easy to install and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to a variety of landscaping platforms due to the varied treatment options available. With the added support for natural slopes on larger landscape projects, added foliage can complement these fencing types well for a bespoke high-quality finish to suit your project. 

Sleeper walls are also perfect for sand and gravel foundations across a landscaping area as they provide an essential drainage avenue for excess water over wet periods.  

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