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At Countrywide Fencing, we are site hoarding contractors you can rely on for your large-scale building sites. As sites legally require a protective boundary to shield the public from debris, low level noise pollution and to ensure site safety and security, it’s important to choose a reliable contractor for your site hoarding requirements.

Our temporary fencing, industrial hoardings and installation will keep your site secure, safe and concealed. Over the years, we have worked with some of the largest construction sites across the UK and our experience enables us to tailor construction site hoarding to meet your specific requirements.

Site Hoarding Products

Our primary site hoarding panels reinforced timber ply measuring at 1.2m x 2.4m with 18mm thickness. Available in both dug-in and freestanding, we have the capability of working around your specific site requirements.

Timber site hoarding is a dependable product that ensure your perimeter stays standing in most weather conditions. This material easily accommodates gate entry for both pedestrians and vehicles, plus it is also has the option to keep the community up to date with the development progress by posting informative documents and signage along the hoarding.

Site Hoarding Installation

All site hoarding solutions can be tailor made to meet your specific requirement including the addition of your company logo and colours. This is hugely beneficial as it offers high visibility and a commercial advantage.

Our bespoke service can also include additional security to provide absolute confidence in the complete safety and security of your site, whether that is a temporary construction site hoarding or more long term solution.

Before installation, we always make sure to undertake a full site survey, monitoring factors like wind loading, traffic flow and surroundings, and taking into account the estimated length of the project. Not only do we provide seamless supply and site hoarding installation, but we are also able to assist with the removal too.

Countrywide Fencing Ltd

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Tony Smith – Managing Director Smiths Groundworks and Construction Ltd.
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