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Due to the extensive and varied nature of our work, at Countrywide Fencing Ltd we’re no stranger to carrying out quality landscaping and groundworks for our clients.

Our involvement in many major commercial projects and installations across the UK, such as extensive boundary fencing, has also provided vast experience in all types of groundwork. From responsible hedge clearing, the provision of footpaths and kerbs, to artificial beach installations, as a full-service provider, we can completely transform your space to any requirement.

As an essential element at the start of every project, quality groundwork services can start laying out the plans and preparing the foundations for your space. We specialise in carefully planning and preparing your landscapes for optimal results by conducting thorough site and ground surveys and implement any necessary enhancements before additional landscaping commences.

Types of groundwork our team can facilitate for your space include clearance, drainage, and trenching, and unlike other groundwork contractors, as part of our specialist fencing offering, we can also erect the highest-quality retaining walls for more intricate hard-wearing landscaping solutions.

Our commercial groundworks can cater to a range of environments and industries, having previously worked with local authorities, private organisations and housing associates for small and large-scale projects.

As a commercial landscaping contractor, we offer both hard and soft landscaping services that are adaptable to the goals and visions of your project. Our hard landscaping commonly encompasses durable physical features like patios, steps, walls, while our soft landscaping introduces grass, vegetation, and plants to a space to enhance the final aesthetic of a project to elevate your space.

Hard Landscaping

Our hard landscaping services utilize a diverse range of high-quality materials, ensuring a unique finish tailored to your project’s exact specifications. We work with materials such as concrete, asphalt, gravel, brick, timber, and offer various colour choices to align with your project brief – providing effective foundations for a long-lasting result.

As part of our hard landscaping offering, we also offer paving, kerbing, tarmacking and white lining solutions.

Soft Landscaping

To bring our landscaping solutions together, our team of soft landscaping experts are on-hand to design and add a variety of fauna that lends structure and beauty to your space. As part of our soft landscaping elements, we lay down specified soil composites as a base for our tree, shrub, turf, mulch and flowerbed planting to ensure a healthy, long-lasting landscaping result.

Our soft landscaping solutions can be highly decorative to the exact specification of your project to add character, texture, and aesthetic appeal whilst also being considerate of your space’s size, location, and environment.

Environmental Consideration

Our priority, as always, is considering our customers and the environment. All site clearance work is carried out with conservation and the surrounding habitat in mind so you can rest-assured our team will utilise the most environmentally consideration landscaping and groundwork methods possible on every project.

Landscaping Solutions

Balancing elements of soft and hard landscaping for your outdoor space is important, and at Countrywide Fencing, we ensure an ergonomic and functional landscaping solution that facilitates natural navigation through the landscape, whether by foot or vehicle. As part of our post-landscaping process, we also offer commercial landscaping maintenance to ensure your projects’ vision is maintained for years to come.

For optimal landscaping security, our CCTV and electric gate systems can safeguard your project around the clock, giving you peace of mind knowing your space is secure 24/7.

No matter the demands of your project, our team deliver a full-service landscaping solution to be proud of. Contact us today to get a quote.

James Johnson – MRICS BSc Hons Archer Building Consultancy Ltd
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